Black Orchids (A Dark and Suspenseful Crime Novel) by E.G.W., 10:53 AM
When Your Will is Pushed to the Limit and Freedom is in the Hands of Another
Keisha “ Cashay” Simpson and Tierra “ Tee” Jones, two women whose adulthood are carved by their childhood upbringing. Both, ladies of New York drug dealers whose operation was seized by the FBI. Leaving them in a situation which may cost them their lives. Facing top-tier criminal charges, they’re given an opportunity to clear their name, in an unethical and unexpected proposition. Dealing with anxiety and depression from traumatic experiences they're tasked to deal with what comes their way. While having to spend time living in a new city, both women are undercover informants for the naked hustle to score the opportunity to be a boss pearl. Every step forward puts their back against the wall even more. Making them only trust and protect each other as the world turns on them. Leaving them to fight to turn the world back over. Will they gain their freedom or will they go down fighting?

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