Got The Time: 21 Secrets About Efficiency, 8:43 PM
Life can be simple if we choose to be efficient in our everyday decisions and tasks. However, this isn’t always the case. There are times when we make poor decisions or complicate our situation because we’re not equipped with the proper resources or because we possess bad habits. Time is valuable and should be used wisely. Got the Time: 21 Secrets About Efficiency teaches us the fundamentals on time-management, ceasing procrastination, being sensible about time, learning the value of saying no, setting important goals and tasks, delegating projects that require more help, remaining consistent and adding purpose to the daily grind.
The book provides time management tips and steps on how you can improve and change your life by prioritizing what matters, valuing yourself and being effective with your time. Improve your time management skills!
21 Secrets that will change your life!

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