MY BOOK CALLED LIFE by Shrugal Nagarkar, 11:30 AM
You Have To Experience All The Things In Your Lifetime.
Forget Good And Bad, Correct Or Wrong.
Just Live It!
This was an experiment I set in motion when I was 22 years old.
He was studying engineering and was in his last year. As every student, he also faced the same questions about the Past, present and future. He was about to step into the world of a profession where everyone becomes your teacher and everything becomes your course work. It is a very critical stage where all the options are open and you meet life teachers giving you, life lessons.
It was an exciting time in his life filled with hopes, dreams, fear and excitement.
He started to make himself ready to meet life as an adult. And then suddenly, he was struck by a thought and inspiration of pulling out his notebook and start writing what he thought life is and figure out a smart way to prepare himself by first understanding the baseline of who he was and who he wanted to become.

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