“THE NEW MEN STREET STYLE” Fashion Design & Sketch Book by Milan Fashion Campus
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Learn about the different Men Fashion Street Styles, while also learning and improving your sketching skills.
THE NEW MEN STREET STYLE by Milan Fashion Campus Taking inspiration from all styles to be converted in modern and young style.
Techniques of sketches designs - made free hand.
Design by Lorenzo Curti The Milan Fashion Campus
"THE NEW MEN STREET STYLE" Design Book is inspired by all Street Styles. The goal is to develop each style into something modern, young, renewed, street wear style. Street wear is getting very powerful, teenagers, young people and even adults are getting into a world more sporty, casual, practical and wearable in any moment, from day wear to night wear, without loosing that touch of youth and creativity.
If You Love Fashion Design - if you're looking for a Streetwear Design Book this is the most Up to Date Men's Streetwear Fashion Design Drawing Book.

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