10 Reasons Why the Black Race Can Never Be One/Won by Anthony Taylor
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This book examines what exactly the Jim Crow laws were, why they were established and more importantly, how these outdated laws have cast a lingering effect on the black race in America as we attempt to progress in this country.
The author then covers a list of different topics that we, as a people, struggle with, the origins of these issues, and explore possible solutions we could implement in order to move past them.
His desire is that you reflect on those areas that hit home for you in his book, hoping that a positive change can take place ultimately resulting in unity, prosperity, and growth for all African-Americans.
"How well this insightful, real and true book is to our culture. I absolutely love this book! The information you give, backed up by facts. I feel it would help so many who are lost. Beautiful job!" Amazon.com
10 Reasons Why the Black Race Can Never Be One/Won is available at Amazon
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