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101 Vet-Approved Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Specific Health Problems
by Samantha Randall
Foreword by Dr. Fiona Caldwell, DVM
· 7 Homemade dog food recipes for dogs with arthritis, hip, and join ailments
· 16 Homemade dog food recipes for dogs with cancer
· 17 Homemade dog food recipes for dogs with diabetes
· 38 Homemade dog food recipes for dogs with digestive disorders
· 2 Homemade dog food recipes for dogs with kidney disease or failure
· 16 Homemade dog food recipes for dogs with liver disease
· 2 Homemade dog food recipes for skin and coat health
· 2 Homemade dog food recipes for weight gain
· 1 Homemade dog food recipe for weight loss
This Kindle book contains 101 vet approved homemade dog food recipes for pets with the most common health problems.
All of these have been done, tested, researched and written down by Top Dog Tips editor-in-chief Samantha Randall, reviewed and approved by veterinarian Dr Fiona Caldwell to ensure all these recipes are safe and healthy for dogs.

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Whether it's rich chocolate, luscious fruit , or gooey caramel, Jennifer has the cake to WOW your family and friends. Every recipe begins with an easy and delicious cake mix. Packed with 60 simple recipes- for holidays, bake sales, birthday parties, or just when you crave something gooey and sweet. Some of the recipes you will discover inside are: 1. White Chocolate Raspberry 2. Chocolate Pecan Pie 3. Caramel Blackberry Jam 4. Hawaiian Wedding 5. Rocky Road 6. Banana Split 7. Peach Cobbler 8. Maple Nut READY TO GET BAKING?
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Are you ever just amazed at how some people can take a bunch of different foods and whip them up into a delicious meal?
All without a cookbook! You want to be one of those creative people and you want your food to make people go wow! - So just buy a cookbook, you tell yourself. The problem is that most cookbooks give you recipes to follow. Sure, the recipes are tasty, but there’s almost always something missing – You! The recipes don’t teach you anything other than how to recreate someone else’s dish.
In Exponential Cook - Learning Countless Classic Italian Recipes, author The Recipe Burner not only gives you tasty recipes, but he also shows you how to take those recipes and make them your own.

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Clean Eating is a way of life!
Many individuals have become confused into believing that clean eating is a diet. This way of eating is not something you do for a couple of months and then return back to processed or artificial foods. Developing a clean eating regimen is a lifestyle change. Clean eating is not about depriving yourself but making smarter food choices.
There are tons of great clean eating recipes out there, however, we have compiled a great collection of clean eating slow cooker recipes to suit your appetite and help you to save time and energy in the kitchen.

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Make scrumptious desserts without all the guilt! This dessert recipe eBook features easy to follow instructions to create some very tasty treats, all of which are natural and made using very few ingredients.
Learn to make your own sweets at home and ditch the unhealthy preservatives found in typical store-bought dessert items.

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These days, the food that you buy could be laced with so many preservatives and toxins that do nothing good for the body. The same goes for those extra expensive coffee and tea that most people like these days.
This is exactly why you have to make sure that you get to drink only the most nutritious and delicious smoothies—so your body could get rid of all those toxins, and start feeling better about yourself again!

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#1 Amazon BESTSELLER in FIVE categories!! 12-13-14 (Sauces, Salsa and Garnishes,Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Hot New Releases!!)
Sizzling SRIRACHA SECRETS finally revealed! Quick and Easy!!! HOT SAUCE lovers will want this book. Rooster Sauce fans will devour this zesty goodness.This is your private view into the Sriracha factory. Great holiday or christmas gift!! This book is filled with Bernie Mouth fun filled fiery story, fierce Huy Fong Facts and fab recipes from college kids to home cooking pros. Sriracha recipes that will blow your mind.

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Learn How To Prepare Keto Dishes Inexpensively For Beginners
This books includes more than 30 Keto recipes, including fish, meats and vegetable dishes... and desserts also... with colorful pictures ;)
What you will find in this book: -Easy to follow recipes. This book is for beginners -The dishes are made with staples, affordable and easy to find ingredients -Most of the recipes comes with colorful pictures -All the dishes are made with natural ingredients, you won’t find artificial components here

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Discover How To Eliminate Body Pain and Restore Your Overall Health By Eating Foods Designed For You
The stressful lifestyle of the modern today not only robs us of our chance of living a happy and fulfilled life, but it also makes us take a poor care of ourselves and leave the door open for the diseases to swoop in. Have you ever wondered about why the majority of us are so out of condition? Neglecting our needs as human beings results with nothing more, but our own defeat.
Learn: -What Causes Inflammation? -How To Recognize It? -Health Concerning Risks -The Top 12 Triggers -The Importance of Anti-Inflammatory Diet -The Shopping List -Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan And Much More..

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Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel of diets that simply don’t work and do something that actually works...?
Forget about all the tricks and gimmicks that ultimately leave you feeling deprived at best and malnourished at worst. Forget about quick fixes that garner limited, if any, results. There’s something better AND HEALTHIER.
Juicing for Weight Loss: Delicious, Easy & Healthy Recipes for Smart People was created for you, with your unique needs and health in mind..

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This book contains a collection of tried and tested recipes. Anything you could want is in here. Fun and easy recipes. There is a recipe for every occasion, from a simple tea-time snack to a fancy dinner.
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If you have been looking for ways to change your eating habits this is a great way to begin your journey.
With 15 amazing, tasty, healthy and easy to make recipes for you to enjoy with your family and friends, you can also enjoy them by yourself. These recipes are meatless, if you enjoy eating meat feel free to add your favorite meats to each dish and make it your own.

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Meal Prep Ideas Simple and easy to follow for busy individuals "Beautiful cover, very well written. I especially like the recipes.
Easy to understand and very useful to get the most out of food with less waste." Meal prepping is not just for body building or for weight loss. This practice of prepping ingredients or even whole meals in advance is a great money-saving device. Because everything is planned out and accounted for, shopping lists only contain ingredients that will be used within the week (or month.) Food waste is greatly reduced. Only essentials will be stored in the freezer, fridge, and pantry.

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The 30-30 Formula For Busy People "Wow it was amazing and delicious.
I will suggest you to get this book if you are new cook or you don't have enough time to make your meal." "For me this is a perfect recipe book. Very easy to follow, and some straightforward meal ideas." Are you excited to know some recipes you can make in the shortest time possible?
If you are, then you are definitely in the right place. This book has 30 tasty meals that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. With these recipes, you no longer have an excuse as to why you cannot eat homemade meals... *Top fast recipes for breakfast *Delicious recipes for a quick lunch *Delightful recipes for a wonderful dinner Much, much more!

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