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Searching for the most effective ways to teach your teen the essential life skills they'll need for success? Look no further…
Introducing How To Not Make Adulting Suck A Desperate Parents’ Guide to Boosting Teen Independence Using Tips on Personal Finance, Work Ethic, Healthy Living, Social Skills, Basic Survival Skills, and More.
Within this guide you'll find an overview of the essential skills every teen needs to be prepared for adult life – not just cooking and cleaning, but emotional and social skills as well.
In How to Not Make Adulting Suck, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:
☑️ Practical tactics and strategies for encouraging independent growth and responsibility while still providing support, structure, and safety
☑️ 5 essential lessons about money every teen should know before they graduate
☑️ The 4 types of social skills and what your teen needs to know about each one
☑️ How to teach sound financial practices that will help your teen develop a realistic, measured attitude towards money
☑️ Action steps to help you take adulting from the theoretical to the practical
☑️ What it really means to lead a healthy lifestyle – and the aspects of health your teen might not have given enough thought to
☑️ How to encourage the development of emotional regulation skills to navigate even the most stressful of situations
☑️ Why having a strong work ethic can make such a huge difference for your teen's success in the classroom and working world
☑️ Essential skills every teenager should master before they move out of the house
And much more.
Teaching your teen how to handle the challenges life will throw at them is one of the most important things you'll do as a parent.
Customer reviews
"Amazing Book On How To Guide Your Teenager Into Adulthood. I really loved this book, I wish I had it when I was a teenager to better understand and prepare for adulthood. I found the teachings to be very helpful for teenagers to put them at an advantage against their peers and thrive into their future!"
"This book is a good resource on parenting and helps answer questions many parents and teens might have. I would recommend that both parents and teens read this book to benefit from its advice."
"Happy I gave this author a shot. Great read. I usually stick to verified authors. Happy I read this book by this author..., very well written in a language I can understand."

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While an excitement is present for a baby’s arrival, many expecting and new parents in today’s society are juggling with fear, uncertainty, over loaded schedules, challenges and stressors that can easily negatively affect the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. This includes overwhelming thoughts of all the tasks that have to get done, organized, scheduled, and bought; and a variety of mixed emotions — some easy to cope with, and some not.
A lot of questions and uncertainties may weigh on one’s mind such as: “Will I feel pain?”,” How long will my labor last?”, “Will my baby be, OK?”, “What if my baby is not breathing?”, “What if the cord is wrapped around their neck?”, “What if I have complications?”, “What if my baby needs to separate from me?”, “Will I be able to handle motherhood?”
According to a Stanford study, women's risk for depression during pregnancy doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Liz Szabo of Kaiser Health News, studies consistently show that infants born to mothers who experience significant stress during pregnancy have higher rates of short- and long-term health damage — including heart defects and obesity — than babies born to women with less stress. Therefore, having the most positive and effective support in place for expecting and new parents is crucial.
Enter in Mar De Carlo, founder of the International Parenting & Health Institute and International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals who has revolutionized the professional world of pregnancy and postpartum by introducing the first Baby Planner Certification program and book, “The Baby Planner Profession: What You Need to Know”, in 2009 that trains professionals to support families during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum.
Baby planners are pregnancy and postpartum coaches who perform a thorough evaluation with their clients in order to tailor their services to suit their clients’ specific needs, lifestyle and preferences. By evaluating the specific needs of clients and providing them with the appropriate information, education and resources, baby planners enable their clients to make the best decisions for their growing families. As a result, baby planners help clients to determine the types of resources, services and products that will be essential for them to utilize on their journey towards parenthood and beyond, saving them time and money. They help families face their fears and challenges with a practical, positive and realistic plan of action, advise them of all their options, beyond the common childbirth education class, so that they may make informed decisions. They also help clients prepare for postpartum by offering parenting education consultations relating to all aspects of pregnancy, parent care and newborn care. They cover what best fits with their client’s values, beliefs or needs and discuss what additional services may be needed such as the support of a doula, newborn care specialist, lactation consultant etc. The final decision is always the clients’.
Mar De Carlo’s Baby Planner book, thanks to Ana Maria Anselmo who is the International Parenting & Health Institute’s first Baby Planner graduate, Baby Planner Portuguese instructor & Brazilian Baby Planner Pioneer, is now available in Portuguese. “Baby Planner Uma Nova Carreira” is a book tailored for baby planner professionals or those interested in a baby planning career with all the tools and resources necessary to get started in the new industry of baby planning. The book defines the role of a baby planner, the history of baby planning, establishes a scope of practice, and covers a wide variety of topics: birthing basics, green basics, childproofing, child care, sales and pricing, breastfeeding basics, sleeping basics, product basics, business basics, liability, and much more. It also provides professionals with all the business tools and resources necessary to get started in the new industry of baby planning.

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This book was developed through the heartfelt cries of author's students over the years.
Initially, students began to ask for his step-by-step instructional notes. Still other students would ask for both step-by-step notes along with pictures.
After accumulating several notes over the years, the author decided to publish his first two books, “A Technology Workbook for Christian Learners: Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010,” and “A Technology Workbook for Adult Learners: Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010. However, this new book breaks down the content of Microsoft Word 2016 into smaller chunks of information.
Chunking is an instructional strategy that involves breaking down information into “bite-sized” pieces so the brain can easily digest new information.
Our working memory can only hold limited amounts of information at one time.
This explains why each chapter in this book is much shorter, and will help to increase the retention of knowledge and skills that you will develop as you progress through the content.

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Have you got all these ideas in your head, words, phrases or melodies with nowhere to go? Well, set them free by creating something unique only you can create by writing and singing your own song.
The focus of this guide is taking that spark of an idea and turning it into something precious and memorable for your audience based on the considered decisions you make as a songwriter.
Believe it or not, there are no hard and fast rules only choices. But at the same time, there are plenty of myths. This concise guide will lay out the key concepts to consider when songwriting and lay to bed the common myths regarding learning to sing and voice improvement.
As a DIY music artist, the author dared to follow his dream of writing, singing and releasing his own songs, you can too!
Take this focused guide and use it as the springboard to take your talent and creativity out into the world, creating songs that achieve your intended audience reaction and so build a loyal following.
Your prospective fans are waiting for your songs.

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This book contains the words of famous people on matters that are of interest to us all. When you read what Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, John Lennon and others have said about love and sex and the pursuit of happiness, you’ll find sometimes you agree with their views, and sometimes you don’t.
The quotes in this book represent the stories of the people who created them, many surviving terrible circumstances to emerge with a view of the world that inspires millions. Anne Frank and Victor Frankl were both victims who suffered Nazi oppression, yet their words live on to give hope to their readers.
The author has included some humor, including examples from Rodney Dangerfield and Joan Rivers, who both managed to entertain the world while managing difficult situations. For too long, humor has been ignored in discussions of human behavior. At its best, humor is positive and enjoyable. It enables us to view situations in new ways.
Many collections of quotes concentrate on the words of dead white men. This collection represents an attempt to include men and women of all backgrounds, colors and ages. Dead and alive.
Learning more about the creators of the some of the world’s most memorable collections of words can be both an illuminating and entertaining way of understanding ourselves and others.

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Are you looking for a quality realism tattoo artist near you?
A Tattoo Collector’s Guide to Helping You Find Quality Realism Artists Near You by Jordan Feno is the answer to the question that I get asked the most
What’s Inside:
✔ 63 pages, 60 photos, over 900 quality artists in the US.
✔ A state-by-state list of quality realism tattoo artists in the U.S. including the city and state the artist works.
✔ Includes Instagram name and their specialty.
✔ Author's personal tips for landing an appointment with in-demand artists
✔ His journey as a tattoo collector.

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Few people grasp the true nature of online poker.
At its core, online poker is not a card game. It is a game of psychology. Online poker is a game of reading, analyzing and posturing, a game of manipulation, a game of interpersonal relationships and a game of supreme, raw competition.
Of course, everyone has experience at life, but not everyone has experience at poker.
Take your calculated risks to the next level with our eBook that contains a step by step tutorial on how to master the art of online poker within the first month of your career.
Three proven secrets that cannot be found in any poker book on the market, delivered to you on a silver platter. Once mastered, these three skill sets will give you the power to eliminate your competitors and overcome any financial tribulation.
You have the opportunity to do exactly what Online Poker Champs' CEO did, make six figures in online poker.

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The book contains easy simple steps which help anyone start writing now.
It will answer your question on how to write a book?
It will help you in any level to start writing your book now.
It will give you the proper guidance to star writing books today and share your thoughts and knowledge.
Discover the best subjects to write about
✓ Learn more about the process of writing
✓ Learn how to write well
✓ Learn how to get some comments before you publish your book
This book will encourage you to be a writer!

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"Perfect edition to my current collection!"
A great resource for those who want to grow a garden, but lack the space!
If you live in an apartment, you might be lamenting the fact you have no yard or space for the relaxing and enjoyable process of growing your own food. However, it takes less space than you think to grow your plants and even a small apartment can benefit from the advantages of a few vegetables or fruits pots.
Learn The Steps How To Start An Apartment Garden Today!

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Sex Therapy 101 is your guide to dealing with issues that may be too difficult to talk about in person. Get top information and exercises from one of the best therapists and educators, Dr. Deb Laino. This book covers several issues such as dealing with Premature Ejaculation, Healthy Relationships, How to Talk with Your Children About Sex, and much more!
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With this book you will learn helpful step by step tips and instructions that would help you plan and organize your wedding event into an exciting memory of a lifetime and achieve a complete success.
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Reading This Book Could Help To Uncover Identifiable Phases Of Your Relationship
This book is designed to help you identify the dynamics of each phase of relationships. It’s a sincere approach backed by in-depth studies which could to help you maintain a longer lasting relationship just by simply taking a direct approach to understanding yourself and your partner.

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There is no school for expecting moms, and especially if this is your first pregnancy, you may be overwhelmed with different emotions, uncertainty, questions or even fear. Pregnancy and childbirth should be a glorious event and not be marred by too much worries of negative emotions. This is where I will come in. Together with your trusted healthcare provider and the support from your loved ones, I will be here to make sure that your journey to motherhood is memorable with all the right reasons.
I will arm you with all the essential information on pregnancy and childbirth based on my experience, shared experiences from other mothers, and researches backed with medical findings. This book, “Secrets of Pregnancy and Childbirth: Things that are not been told to EXPECTING MOTHERS” is a single book that will surely cover your thirst for information and ease your worries.

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Father and Son is a guide for the young, mature male going into the world of relationships. This guide describes relationship situations which maybe too confusing for a young male. As a father himself, Jerome A. Carter’s goal is to prepare his son and other young men for life, long lessons. He breaks down the scenarios and gives solutions that are hard hitting and understandable. After reading this guide, young men will have a better awareness of the complexities that are relationships. He will be educated to the many conscious and subconscious factors at work. Where other books are incomplete, Father to Son finishes the job.
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When it comes to the holiday invitation to family dinner, Author Nicholl McGuire sheds some light on a topic that gives people much anxiety, "Should I go?" In this helpful guide, the wife and mother of four discusses what you can do to ease the stress of whether you should sit this one out or go for it this holiday season. Make peace not war in your home when it comes to family related events.
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Some think Amish and fun just don't mix. Many see them as stoic statue-like folks, never cracking a smile. Let this book enlighten you that the Amish celebrate Christmas better with a lot less stress and more fun. Having lived near or among the Amish for many years, Karen Anna Vogel shares in journal style her frustrations about materialism and the pressures that break out bankbook and backs.
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If you want to experience more rejections in your life from women DO NOT BUY this ebook!
On the other hand, if you want to learn to play your cards right in flirting and seducing sexy ladies, READ this informative ebook! This humorous ebook will definitely boost your confidence tremendously. Winning the Seduction Game is Guarantee. You won't regret it! If you apply the unbelievable techniques shared in this ebook, you will have control over women.

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A great song is much more than good lyrics or a catchy tune and far more than a great mix or a professional master. Many small studios attempt to craft great songs through mixing, mastering and using the latest plugins. They can find themselves distracted by the lure of special FX, EQ moves, and advanced compression techniques in their attempt to create sonic perfection. However, sonic perfection has little value if the very structure - the arrangement and organisation of song elements - is ignored.
This book takes an in-depth look at how to create a great song arrangement using a vast range of techniques including pattern manipulation, repetition, and tonal character. The book covers many more techniques, principles and rules for creating great song arrangements, always with the goal of keeping the audience interested, engaged and wanting more.
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Are you in a guitar slump? Having trouble advancing your skill level? Maybe you are just having trouble releasing your creativity.
This short ebook is not an unreadable academic paper on guitar theory, but a look into the world of how the brain processes musical information during creative moments and improvisation through the eyes of a multi-instrumentalist who has been where you have been. The insight in this short, informal written lecture is meant to show you new ways to look at playing the guitar creatively and powerful new ways to improve the quality of your guitar practice.
This book provides information based on research into more esoteric fields and is guaranteed to help the reader gain the skills it takes to become a more creative and skillful player. This ebook will help you to bring a more meditative approach to your guitar playing and allow your practice to speak directly to your creative side. Your guitar practice will have never been so powerful!

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Become A Pokemon Master Today!
Do you want to keep wasting time trying to level, or do you want to learn the Top-Secret Hacks?
There is a lot of competition, and there are specific strategies that you can learn to have an advantage over your competition. We will go over a complete walk-through of how to play Pokemon Go, so that if you are a beginner, you can quickly learn the ropes and advance, or if you are more experienced, you can learn strategies to level your Pokemon and trainer faster than your peers.

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Ultimate Poker Strategy Guide 3 by Michael S 144 pages
-Michael S is on the most viewed author list in Quora Poker and a lifetime student of the Game
-15 years experience playing tournaments and cash games Ultimate Poker Strategy Guide 3 will show you:
I) How to gain an edge on your opponents by analyzing different situations and lines II) Master Mathematical odds and probabilities III) Develop the mindset of a professional poker player and gain the ability to analyze situations IV) Maximize your profit psychologically and mathematically

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In this book you will learn to understand the seeds of a man, there's many seeds a man will have plant on his journey of becoming a man. Learning the steps of life and the problems we deal with as men daily can be quite challenging at times. From childhood to adult hood I will walk you through the steps of a mans path which will provide answers and understanding of the male species.
Men and Women are different in many ways but in so many ways we're made for each other. Ladies if your interested in a better understandings of us men, This is a must read!

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Academic injustice and bullying are problems in the US. The system of higher education in this nation must be reformed. My situation in Graduate School was an extreme case, but one that will resonate with many current students, former students, and faculty.
My newest book elucidates many of the problems in our system that tragically go unspoken.

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Do responsibilities, school or work get you stressed? Do you often catch yourself fidgeting due to anxiety?
Then this book will show you how a Fidget Toy can be an essential tool in ones toolkit for combating stress. •Get the inside knowledge why fidget toys is beneficial to stress relief, ADHD, AUTISM and ADD. •Learn some fun facts about why a fidget toy has a calming effect on the mind.

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Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family Trivia about Human Body and Cute Animals (Cats, Dogs, Pandas, Horses and Pigs)
A compilation of facts suitable for children.
This book will entice them into reading and learning new stuff while having fun. The book contains 600+ pieces of trivia and is covering topics that kids love: cute animals and human body. The lack of explicit sexuality, foul language or gore makes it a good read for anyone in the age range 8-18 years (and their parents too).
Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family is loaded with verified facts and will provide you with hours of entertainment.

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"Carlos Chavez has done a great job with presenting the information so that you can make a quality decision about your education choices. This is a great book for students, parents, grandparents, and yes educators."
If you are one of the many people thinking of changing or improving your current situation and lifestyle, you may have considered enrolling in a for-profit, post-secondary career training institution. These are the schools that you often see advertised on TV, in local newspapers, and on the Internet. But due to bad business practices and deceptive approaches, these schools have created an environment that puts profit over competence, leading thousands of students to suffer financial and educational losses as a result.
This book was written with a specific objective: to create awareness of for-profit, post-secondary career training institutions. It is based on personal experiences and many years at these kinds of institutions.

Don't Fall For It, The Truth about For-Profit Career Institutions, Carlos Chavez, career training and education, society and communities, for profit colleges, for profit universities, students, parents, grandparents, educators, for-profit higher education, professional, continuing education, advice

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