997 Jokes: A Primer of My Life So Far - Aaron Aardvarkian's humorous fictional autobiography.
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A funny and romantic novel about the cross-cultural courtship and marriage of an inept American man and a beautiful, intellectually-gifted Post-Soviet woman who believes that "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Follow them from Russia to London to America, as the British discover that Aardvarkian is somewhat odd and Aardvarkian discovers that the Brits have a keen sense of humor and a sharp wit. See how he creates an international incident by ordering a glass of water in a London restaurant. Watch Alisa's reaction when Aardvarkian orders for her his favorite Arkansas dish - frog legs. Discover how he proves to her that he is smarter than she is and persuades her to agree with him. See how they fight and keep the respect and love that they have for one another.
You will laugh out loud.

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