Amplify: The B-Quick Oddyssey - Nonstop action and hectic fun. Its time to AMPLIFY!!, 5:43 PM
In the near future on Planet Bop, a world that is completely run and controlled by the sound of music, Buzzy, also known as “DJ B-Quick, the Spinner Supreme,” is a bee training to become the greatest DJ of all time manifesting great musical godlike powers. He has trained under his mentor, Grandmaster Fearless, for most of his life. However, midway through his training his master was captured by the evil MC Crispy.
MC Crispy is a wolf who was given the power to become ruler, tyrant, and the dictating Rap God after making a deal with the evil dragon, Dekeeto, in exchange for capturing and overthrowing Grandmaster Fearless. Yet MC Crispy knows that Buzzy is still a threat as long as he is wandering free. With knowledge of his true potential knowing that Buzzys powers can grow to defeat him, he begins hunting him down.

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