Dash for Dunkirk: Inspired by True Events, A WW2 Historical Fiction Thriller
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"A wildly entertaining, action packed story not only about the reality of war, but also of loyalty, friendship, and romance. A must read! - Jordan Ebare, Avid Reader & Historical Fiction Enthusiast
"...Captivating and difficult to put down as you want to know more and more about the individuals and the problem encountered while trying to reach Dunkirk. - Janet ORourke
No man is an island… and no man is left behind.
May 1940: Royal Air Force pilot Harry Fitzgerald is one of millions of heroic Allied troops fighting against Nazi Germany. In the pitched heat of battle over the skies of Northern France, Fitzgerald is shot down by an enemy plane and captured. Miraculously, he escapes certain death but must make his way back to the Allied evacuation at Dunkirk to get back home...

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