Exponential Italian: Learning Countless Classic Italian Dishes with a Few Steps & No Recipes
https://www.amazon.com/Exponential-Italian-Learning-Countless-Classic-ebook/dp/B017E7I1PM2018-05-03, 8:40 PM
Are you ever just amazed at how some people can take a bunch of different foods and whip them up into a delicious meal?
All without a cookbook! You want to be one of those creative people and you want your food to make people go wow! - So just buy a cookbook, you tell yourself. The problem is that most cookbooks give you recipes to follow. Sure, the recipes are tasty, but there’s almost always something missing – You! The recipes don’t teach you anything other than how to recreate someone else’s dish.
In Exponential Cook - Learning Countless Classic Italian Recipes, author The Recipe Burner not only gives you tasty recipes, but he also shows you how to take those recipes and make them your own.

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