Fat Loss & Strength Training For Women: The New Way To Look Lean, Burn Fat, Build Muscle For A New Stronger You
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This book has actionable information on how to burn fat, build muscle, look lean and build strength through strength training as a woman.
For many people, the mention of the words ‘strength training’ evokes an image of a well-toned/ripped/shredded man at the gym lifting barbells, dumbbells and using all manner of equipment/tools. Rarely will people think of women at the mention of ‘strength training’.
Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that women don’t need strength training. While we women may not be aiming to have six-pack or build biceps like men, this doesn’t mean strength training is not for us. In fact, we could use some abs, well-toned hand muscles free from bingo wings, waist free from love handles and a host of other benefits like greater core strength, stronger back muscles, stronger upper body, stronger arms and much, much more!

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