Forever Yours - Sending you through the twist turns of a missionary girlfriend life trying to make it till her love returns home, 5:28 PM
Lucy Millar is having a hard time to say the least. The love of her life and high school sweetheart just left to serve a two year mission, leaving her on her own to continue life without him. Having been inseparable from Christian Smith 24/7 before his departure, Lucy has to learn to live on her own while holding on to hope for what they have. Forever Yours sends you on a journey through the emotional tornado of heartbreak we all experience at one point in life, as we follow the painfully relatable twists and turns of a young missionary girlfriend's struggle to keep it together until her whole world returns home. While reliving their cute little love story through Open When letters Lucy decides to write as a gift for Christian upon his return, she comes to the sudden realization that these letters will be more important than she ever could have imagined.
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