Helen the Transartist - The story of a Twelve-year-old girl who is about to discover she is a "Transartist."
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Twelve-year-old Helen Robley believes she is an orphan. She lives with two adoptive aunts until one day she discovers that the drawings she loves to make become reality. Helen is about to discover she is a "Transartist." Using her magic, she travels to the East Pole, home of the creatures that populate children's imaginations ˗˗ creatures like the Sand Man, Cupids, and Toothfairies, who are nothing like their stereotypes. Helen discovers that the East Pole is her birthplace and learns the fate of her parents before she confronts the vain and evil Queen Narcissa. Helen uses a variety of unconventional tools and techniques against the Queen, and in the end is reminded that beauty is on the inside.
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