How to swear & love in Dutch by Ingeborg Stinissen: The most hilarious travelguide you need, when on the road in Belgium or the Netherlands., 10:12 AM
Dutch is a lovely language...but it’s even better when you know how to say all the bad things!
Author Ingeborg Stinissen takes you on a hilarious journey down the linguistic road of learning Dutch through the phrases every foreigner needs to knows—namely, those relating to love and swearing! Whether you want to flirt with someone, get them in bed, enter a long term relationship, break-up, cuss someone out at a pub, rage at the traffic, or just have a decent conversation, How to Swear and Love In Dutch is there for you with English-to-Dutch translations, phonetic pronunciations and, of course, some memorable insights into Dutch culture.
Humorous and educational, How to Swear and Love In Dutch is the perfect travel guide for anywhere from Belgium to the Netherlands—and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

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