Lines of Space: Source of Fundamental Forces and Constituent of All Matter in the Universe, 11:43 AM
Sahil is a student, having difficulty in understanding science. Unable to get past his hurdles, he loses interest in science. Then, his father takes upon himself to teach him and help him continue his studies by simplifying the various aspects of science. While teaching his son, he finds himself wondering about some of the questions of science related to creation of the Universe, which did not seem to have satisfactory answers. He ruminates about these questions and comes up with entirely different concept of creation of Universe. To explain his concept, he first simplifies the prevalent theories of physics related to Atomic Structure, Gravitation, Behaviour of Light, Theory of Relativity and Creation of the Universe, thereafter, he elucidates on his unique concept of Creation of the Universe from empty space with illustrations and logic, where all matter in the Universe is created from space itself and the fundamental forces subsist due to stress in the 'Lines of Space'
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