Love Blitz by Shana James: In the game of love, even when the odds are slim, you have to go for it, 5:17 PM
Since they were 14 years old, they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He would be the hotshot star NFL quarterback and she would be the sexy physician making sure he stayed strong and at the ready. After he’s chosen first in the NFL draft, his new manager dumps her for him, over the phone, absolutely shattering her world.
Ten years later, Malik Cooper, now a Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the New York Kings, suffers a devastating injury that shakes up his whole world. Dr. Jillian Peters is all grown up and operating a successful medical practice that keeps her busy enough to push the pains of the past, behind her. Work is her whole world and she avoids watching football, generally pretending that Malik never existed – until his global newsmaking injury forces them both to take stock of their lives.

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