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Ever wonder why most people around the world do not get along with their in-laws?
This book introduces readers to simple ways they can recognize, handle and survive toxic in-laws while protecting their marriage. Surviving Toxic In-Laws is a couple’s guide to building and creating a more united front as a couple. Written for all couples, married or not, that desire to uproot any ounce of toxicity sprouting from their in-laws. Written for couples currently under the wrath of toxic in-laws and are eager to acquire ways on how to cope with toxic in-laws; gain tips on how to counter their toxic in-laws’ evil actions with wits about them, especially if they want their marriage to survive against all the odds.

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Love and Romance | Transitions: 596 | Date: 2018-05-05

In the short life I have lived, I have found many looking for love and yet dont know what it is. The book brings you through all the emotions of love; how much it hurts, and how much happiness it can bring. I share with you stories of situations that can answer the questions you have been looking for unlocking the secrets of love. Foolish I know to think why do I need these secrets? The simple answer is when you find out the secrets of love you find the secrets to your own heart. To ask the simple questions of when will I find my true love? Why do I still love them after what they did? Questions that seem so small and easy are very hard to answer given the person it is applied to. The book has many situations of love one could be a mirror of yours. We all know love has many secrets I give you one in the beginning of the book, as for the rest I leave for you to unlock in the pages of my poetry.
Secret Of True Love: Poems from the Heart, collection of love poems, poetry, literature, Love Poems Collection, parental love, true love, abusive love, poetry book, secrets of love
Love and Romance | Transitions: 563 | Date: 2018-05-05

Lucy Millar is having a hard time to say the least. The love of her life and high school sweetheart just left to serve a two year mission, leaving her on her own to continue life without him. Having been inseparable from Christian Smith 24/7 before his departure, Lucy has to learn to live on her own while holding on to hope for what they have. Forever Yours sends you on a journey through the emotional tornado of heartbreak we all experience at one point in life, as we follow the painfully relatable twists and turns of a young missionary girlfriend's struggle to keep it together until her whole world returns home. While reliving their cute little love story through Open When letters Lucy decides to write as a gift for Christian upon his return, she comes to the sudden realization that these letters will be more important than she ever could have imagined.
Forever Yours, family saga, literature and fiction, parenting, relationship, love romance, Popular Family Saga Books, saga fiction, family saga novels, best saga novels, love saga novel, popular romance novels
Love and Romance | Transitions: 476 | Date: 2018-05-05

From Amazon Bestselling Author, Danielle Lee Zwissler
Another Must Read Romance!
The Boy Next Door When Keri Richards comes home from college to mourn her father's death, Payton, her fun-loving, next door neighbor is there, as usual, ready to share his tree fort. It isn't until she is back in school again that she realizes that there may be more to their friendship. Who may even be love!
Love Friendship
A Summer Romance to sink your teeth into- The Bookaholics
A Must Read! - Youth Books and More

The Boy Next Door, A New Adult and College Coming of Age Romance, romance novella, young love novella, your love stories, beautiful romance stories, sweet romance stories, sweet romance books,

Love and Romance | Transitions: 571 | Date: 2018-05-05

"Adorable, uplifting,and enchanting! The best romance I've read in years! I want to move to Kissing Bridge and live in their world. I loved both the first two in the series but this might be the best yet!!!!" S. Stevens Kindle Good Books
The final book in the #1 Best Selling Series!
1 Best Selling Series in Holiday Romance
Once you come to Kissing Bridge you'll never want to leave.

Chocolate Kisses and Love Filled Wishes, Easter on Kissing Bridge Mountain, humor, romance, excitement, inspirational, Holidays, refreshing, enjoyable, entertaining, unique, amazing, Holiday, romace, love, Christian, Easter, Holiday romance, romance and love books, best selling,

Love and Romance | Transitions: 534 | Date: 2018-05-05

After a few minutes in the bathroom, I came out and Slade had laid clothes on the bed for me, a T- shirt and gym shorts. I did not have a bra on, nevertheless I slipped on the shirt and shorts with no panties. I followed the path back to the deck and found Slade cleaning the grill. I stood in the door and watched the fluidity of his muscle under his compression shirt. Did he work out this morning? Dang I wish I would have watched him work out, where is his gym, why am I am asking all of these questions? He turned around and caught me gawking at him, I tucked my head and looked across his backyard. He laughed at me.
The Sound of Acquiescence, erotic novel, erotic saga, African American, erotic fiction, popular African American erotic novels, literature and fiction, Best African American Erotica, African American Erotic Fiction
Love and Romance | Transitions: 536 | Date: 2018-05-05

Love, war, separation, betrayal. Sam Singleton searches for answers after fighting in the First World War. Can he find the solution after leaving his childhood sweetheart in England and finding a new life as a rubber planter in Malaya? Will his new love bring him happiness, or does the Second World War break his life apart again? If you would like an insight into life in the mid-20th Century society, you will find this wonderful story of relationships and loves that endure through the heartbreak of war and personal complications, then this one's for you, and you will find it almost impossible to put down.
An Undesirable Marriage, Contemporary Fiction, World War II, historical romance, historical fiction, historical romance novels, cosmopolitan novel, cosmopolitan romance novel, fiction, best seller
Love and Romance | Transitions: 413 | Date: 2018-05-05

Since they were 14 years old, they knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He would be the hotshot star NFL quarterback and she would be the sexy physician making sure he stayed strong and at the ready. After he’s chosen first in the NFL draft, his new manager dumps her for him, over the phone, absolutely shattering her world.
Ten years later, Malik Cooper, now a Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the New York Kings, suffers a devastating injury that shakes up his whole world. Dr. Jillian Peters is all grown up and operating a successful medical practice that keeps her busy enough to push the pains of the past, behind her. Work is her whole world and she avoids watching football, generally pretending that Malik never existed – until his global newsmaking injury forces them both to take stock of their lives.

Love Blitz, African American romance novels, African American Romance Books, women’s fiction, best African American Romance, Top African-American Romance Novels, African American fiction books

Love and Romance | Transitions: 463 | Date: 2018-05-05

Fleeing from an abusive marriage with a little boy and no money whatsoever, Jen finds herself in a relationship of convenience with the stingy and selfish John, the owner of the trailer park she moved to right out of a domestic violence shelter...
Suspenseful, tender, and brave, A Secret Passion offers us a snapshot of love, desperation, and hope to broken people in broken places.

A Secret Passion, How forbidden love flourished in a hopeless place, love romance, erotic romance, best selling erotica novels, love and romance books, mystery and suspense, erotic romance novels, erotic fiction,

Love and Romance | Transitions: 479 | Date: 2018-05-05

"This novel is as unforgettable as that youthful summer each of us experienced."Chris Vonada, author of The Wellspring of Life
"This book is a wonderful book for those who enjoy chick-lit, a little romance, and general fiction lovers. It is a good summer reading book that I would recommend to others." Jen Weiss,
She's beautifully striking, yet conniving under her sheltered guise. He's a handsome and genuine musician whose next passion becomes her. It is summer in pre-revolution communist Romania and the timing couldnot be any better...
The book is a story beyond words of unforgettable love, heartbreak and an inevitable growth. It revolves around Mona- a gorgeous woman surrounded by more men than she can want, in the very peak of an extraordinary summer.

Just a Monumental Summer, Girl on the train, historical romance, historic romance novel, love romance, young love, teen love, best selling, most popular, fiction love, intriguing, suspenseful, Contemporary

Love and Romance | Transitions: 477 | Date: 2018-05-05

Are you in a RELATIONSHIP or are you SINGLE?
Which is better? From choosing what to eat for dinner, to how long you want to sleep, it can be a tricky route to navigate Undoubtedly there are some advantages and some disadvantages to being alone or being part of a partnership. In the end the choice is yours alone to make.
And in the first half of this illuminating little book, you are introduced to the pros and cons of being single or being in a relationship.
And with the second part of the book devoted to helping you to spot the dangerous warning signs of a toxic relationship...

Romance, Romantic Relationships That Make Women Toxic, pros and cons of being single, pros and cons of being in a relationship, love and romance, relationships, women’s guide, men’s guide, Dating and Relationships

Love and Romance | Transitions: 510 | Date: 2018-05-05

When the most bookish, clumsy geek manages to bag the most handsome, beautiful man on campus – the man that all the other girls would happily have thrown their Kappa Kappa Delta sisters under the bus for – then it can’t end well. But Maggie has beaten the odds and is ten years into her marriage with Jack. However, the pages in the book of fairytales are beginning to smolder and burn as she starts to question his fidelity.
Forced into action by her suspicions, and hindered by her over-sexed mother and under-brained friend, Maggie embarks on a search for truth. What she finds, however, is an adventure that throws her directly into the claws of danger and will make her wish that infidelity was the only thing she had to worry about.

All you need is love: And a big handbag, romantic comedy, humorous, Best Romance Reads, Highly Recommended romantic comedy books, best romantic comedy, funny romantic comedy novels

Love and Romance | Transitions: 413 | Date: 2018-05-05

It’s been over for a while, so why would you even think of going back there?
This is the dilemma facing Courtney Fox. After loving and losing Malone Hunt, the only man she’s ever truly loved, she is drawn into a situation where she is being asked…no, ordered…to win him back by whatever means necessary, seduction and kidnapping included. At first she balks at the idea, but when it finally sinks in that this may be a second chance with her ideal love, Courtney rises to the challenge. She knows that when she executes her seduction plan Malone won’t know what hit him.
Malone can’t believe his good fortune when Courtney walks back into his life.

Romancing Malone, Comedy, Conflict & Romance, Romancing Your Ex, romantic comedy books 2016, Best Sellers in Romantic Comedy, Funny Romance Books, family saga, best romance novels, romantic comedy worth reading, top romantic comedy novels, best sellers

Love and Romance | Transitions: 430 | Date: 2018-05-05

"Great compelling series, I must admit this will be!!! -"
"This is a very good story of Love, Depression and Support which everyone must read. -"
Book One introduces Karisma Washington who has just graduated college and looking forward to moving on with her life following the untimely murder of her father Blair Washington. If it weren't for the constant support of her boyfriend, Kevin Matthews, there's no telling how deep her depression would have taken her. Support she thought she couldn't live without, which carried their relationship regardless of the discontent building between them. Here it is a few years later, and she's now ready to start her career at the top Rehabilitation Center of Seattle.

Arousing Consequences, The right side of wrong, African American romance novels, African American Romance Books, women’s fiction, best African American Romance, Top African-American Romance Novels, African American fiction books, love story novels, African American romantic novels

Love and Romance | Transitions: 477 | Date: 2018-05-05

Do you ever wonder how great of a sex life you and your partner could have? Do you find yourselves getting stuck in the same boring routine? Do you find yourselves set on a common position but want to know how you can make it better? Don't ever skimp out on this area of life. Do yourself, and your man a favor and dive into all the intimate desires of each other’s heart and take on your partner’s desires and all the challenges that come with them.
In this book, you will learn to challenge each other in order to get more out of your sex life. This book contains 25 various sex positions and how you can make them your own with your partner.

Sex Positions: 25 Explosive Sex Positions That Will Blow You Away, Tips to Improve Your Sex Life, Ways to Improve Your Sex Life, learn how to have great sex, tips to a better sexual life, improve your sex life, please your partner in bed, how to better satisfy your partner in bed, How to Make Sex Last Longer

Love and Romance | Transitions: 770 | Date: 2018-05-05

Five years after his brother’s untimely death, Greek tycoon, Nikos Karasphalous, is within striking distance of his long awaited revenge against the nefarious Adriana Secreste. The little, redheaded, vixen is responsible for his brother’s death and Nikos is hell bent on destroying her for her treachery.
By a sick twist of his own brother’s hand, Nikos and Adriana are forced to marry in order for him to retain majority ownership in his family’s multi-millon dollar company and for her to safeguard her estranged family’s very survival. Adriana’s brutal childhood at the hands of her sadistic stepfather was once powerful enough alone to push the fiery beauty to the edge of her sanity, add to it the smoldering attraction flaring between her and Nikos and it’s a full blown recipe for disaster.

romance, love story, exciting, ebook, amazon, kindle, best seller, entertainment, mysterious, sexy, novel, interesting,

Love and Romance | Transitions: 490 | Date: 2018-05-05

We have all heard the jokes about window cleaners and what they may or may not see though our windows while they are at work, but this window cleaner really gets lucky!
In the right place at the right time and with his cradle winch breaking down as well, he has luck well and truly on his side when he cleans Andrea's bathroom window!
Two lonely people, brought together by a chain of events that helps them both out of their boring and sex starved lives and into the possibility of a happy and passionate relationship.

erotic, story, short erotic story, literature, erotica, ebook, amazon, entertainment, window cleaner, short fiction, fantasy, erotic fiction

Love and Romance | Transitions: 470 | Date: 2018-05-05

"If you are a fan of Helen Fielding's, Bridget Jones's Diary, then you are so going to love this book" - Amazon Reviewer
Lucy - quirky, scatter-brained and witty - is in a rut. Matt, her boyfriend of four years, is terrified of the ''M'' word and refuses to talk about tying the knot, her job is about as exciting as shaving her legs and she feels like she's going nowhere fast. So she decides to shake things up a bit and before she knows it she finds herself waking up next to a stranger, going on a blind date, meeting a gorgeous Englishman and getting her very own creepy love-struck stalker! But despite all this, it's harder than she thought to get Matt out of her head....
Luckily she has her best friends to distract her as they have problems of their own that they need her help with. Vic, her eccentric childhood friend, thinks that her husband is playing away and wants Lucy to help her catch him red-handed. Olivia, her colleague and best friend, has met a mysterious Frenchman on an internet dating site and isn't sure if she should run off to Paris to meet him, or run for the hills?
Filled with fun, humour and a cast of zany characters, What's it Gonna Be? is a wonderful, sincere and light-hearted tale of friendship, growth and love - with a lovely touch of Mauritius...

Romantic, comedy, funny, entertaining, happiness, drama, eBook, amazon, romance, literature, love, relationships,

Love and Romance | Transitions: 494 | Date: 2018-05-05

Fitness 4Play is a erotic romance novel series loosely based on the past dating affairs of the author and cover model, Marcus A. Woods.
Devin Banks loves fitness and females in that order. He is a personal trainer who is at the top of his game. He is intelligent, handsome, fit and aspires to establish Fitness 4Play, a gym dedicated towards helping couples get in-shape. Overall, Devin could care less about monogamy and prefers to maintain a player lifestyle.
However, when Devin meets Lucy Jackson, he knows that she is one of a kind and the type of woman worth being exclusive with. But could a one-night stand derail their relationship? Can Devin actually become a one woman man? Can Devin conquer lust to covet the love he has discovered with Lucy?

Erotic romance novel, high quality novel, Contemporary, literature, fiction, hottest romance novel, popular, amazing, interesting, entertaining, sexy, dating affairs, player lifestyle, relationship, women

Love and Romance | Transitions: 544 | Date: 2018-05-05

"Who was she, and why was he so attracted to her?"
Dane Wright is a morose, moody individual who’s content to isolate himself in his Malibu beach house. For nine months, he’s shut out the world, along with his loved ones, to wallow in self-pity within the walls of his luxury fortress of solitude. When his parents go on a month-long Caribbean cruise, Dane is forced to take responsibility for his younger sibling, Megan, who is fast building a reputation for herself.

Summer Storm, romance book, awesome short read, awesome short story, sexy, chemistry, literature, fiction, steamy chemistry, sexy, attraction, emotion, hottest adult romance book, popular romance books

Love and Romance | Transitions: 498 | Date: 2018-05-05

Short poetry read that will intrigue you interest. Romance, defeat, triumph. A mini gold mine of poetry that will change your scope on the difficulties that some face, when looking for love. The author appreciates reviews and feedback.
short poetry poems, poems, short poems, literature, love poems, humor and satire, interesting, entertaining, amazon best sellers, top selling, best selling, romance poems, Romantic Poems For Lovers, best love poems
Love and Romance | Transitions: 434 | Date: 2018-05-05

"Finding True Love For Christmas" tells you the simple story of a man who finds his true love, just in time for Christmas. This is not just a personal story; it is relevant to most people of the present times who are too involved in their work and hardly give themselves any time to enjoy life, as it should be. We all run after money, and then more money and thus, we tend to forget that money alone cannot make our life complete and that, we need someone by our side to enjoy life to its fullest.
Finding True Love For Christmas, Christian romance, inspirational stories, Christian fiction, Popular Christmas Romance Books, Christmas romance novels, Christmas romance books worth buying
Love and Romance | Transitions: 530 | Date: 2018-05-05

High School Senior Benjamin Forestor feels like he's always been alone and fears that he always will be. He believes this fear came from his mother's abandonment when he was a child. If his own mother could leave him and his father and brother to run off with her lover, what's to keep everyone he ever meets from leaving him? When Ben finally gets his driver's license, and a set of wheels to go with it, he goes on a quest to locate his mother and confront her about how her adultery and abandonment damaged him and his family...
Orianna, drama, novel, romance, young love, romance novel, friendship, family, jealousy, emotional, amazing story, true love, finding true love, love stories, romantic stories, action, suspense
Love and Romance | Transitions: 532 | Date: 2018-05-05

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