Merlin's Last Days by Greg Krehbiel - "An epic struggle for the past, present and future!", 6:18 PM
Merrell Anthony appears to lead a fairly normal life, working as a professor of archeology and history at St. Andrews College in Pennsylvania. But looks can be deceiving, and Merrell keeps an important and age-old secret hidden from the world.
Living a double life, as a professor in the 21st century and as Merlin the magician in the 6th, he has known from his youth that his life purpose is to ensure that Arthur Pendragon ascends the emperor's throne in Rome.
With sinister enemies, led by the shadowy Mordred, plotting against him, Arthur and Merlin are impatient to fight the decisive battle that will solidify Arthur's place in history.
But as Merrell waits for the fight that will define his and mankind's destiny, the lovely Marianne Gallagher storms into his life. He discovers that she also has the gift to project her mind into the body of people who live in the 6th centruy. As their illicit affair rages on, Merrell finds that his enemies might be closer than he thought.

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