Money Secrets: A Little Book of Wisdom - a book by Jeff Arnold (Four Time Best Selling Author), 4:04 PM
After decades of being "inside" the lives of heirs and heiresses the author has consolidated simple principles to help anyone understand money concepts.
In his latest book, four-time best-selling author, Jeff Arnold, consolidates a lifetime of money smarts, asset protection, and wealth building learned from decades of experience.
This book is short on purpose and is designed to be a simple, fast, and easy-to-read book to inspire you to think about their future in insightful ways.
Inside Money Secrets, you will discover: ​
• The Rule of 72 and how to double your money ​
• The 4% Rule and how to create a safe and steady income stream. ​
• The Amazing Power of Compounding ​​
• A really easy way to understand Dividends ​
• Humorous Quotes and Simple Proven Tips for Transferring Wealth
• And much more!
After reading Money Secrets, you will understand how to make your money work for you while giving you great confidence in navigating your life.
In the end - you will close this primer understanding how to harness your own superpower and create a personalized wealth transfer vehicle.
"Food for thought on your wealth transformation superpower!"

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