OF LADIES & GENTLEMEN: LOVE & ROMANCE - a book by Philosopher Stone
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Philosopher Stone presents a controversial critique of modern romance, while shattering a catalog of logical fallacies that have long been associated with the human mating dance.
OF LADIES & GENTLEMEN: LOVE & ROMANCE is a compendium of proverbs, predictions, and observations; which offers readers an array of philosophical conclusions pertaining to the interactions between lovers.
Readers will view an eye-opening display of various societal factors and primal instincts that act as a driving force behind the actions of people from all walks of life. The motives and behaviors of straight people along with those who identify as LGBTQ will be questioned and placed under scrutiny.
The author examines how dynamics of race, money, and age, effect romance. Popular misconceptions and secrets about men and women will be exposed, as erroneous assumptions are challenged.
Ultimately, upon completion of this book; the reader will have an opportunity to move forward with an increased awareness of his or her love life...Past, present, and future.
Don’t miss this eye-opening journey into the heart of human connection!

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