Praying for Better: A Collection of Poems, Prayers, and Meditations by S.P. Burrell, 3:01 PM
From the author of "Live, Love, Conquer"
We have all been to that point in our lives where we feel stuck, unable to move forward the way that we want to.
This causes us to get discouraged, and our hope and faith falter as a result.
In this collection, filled with inspiring and uplifting words, S.P. Burrell encourages readers to embrace the power of prayer and positivity in order to recognize that when God is in control, better is always coming, no matter the circumstance.
This book will help you to see God in a different light, to see Him as the solution for any negative situation you are in. Embrace your hope in the Lord, don't let your circumstances discourage you and shatter your faith. Believe and declare over your life that better is coming, God's favor is imminent, and that your true destiny awaits you!

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