REFLECTION 4 REJECTION: " Surviving A Mother's Abandonment And Abuse " by Traci Thomas, 4:30 PM
Discover The Techniques And Tools Necessary For Surviving A Mother's Abandonment, Abuse, And Rejection
The prime agenda and objective, is to literally free, liberate, and release those whom are; or, whom were, undoubtedly rejected by their natural Mothers.
And, as inhumane, unusual, weird, and unfamiliar this subject matter is; thankfully, one may survive and soar via a full, productive, and meaningful life, with absolutely no remorse, bitterness, nor anger!
This short; yet, profound read, targets individuals globally, whom are; or, whom were subject to abuse regardless if it were manifested by a natural Mother’s neglect; abandonment; mean-spirit; sarcasm; hatred; or the like.
Moreover, no consistent nor collaborate love, support, kindness, nor care is, nor was, experienced; therefore, the natural conclusion and reaction is to place a microscope upon oneself, as a means of feeling inadequate, unworthy, and or alone.
Nonetheless, playing “ defense’’ is unproductive; as is, the role of assuming responsibility for the rejection; and, the nonsense or stigma accompanied with it...

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