Running the Inside Timeline - When your past is accessible, there is no place to hide..., 5:44 PM
Not since Outlander has there been a series that will capture your heart and imagination and keep you guessing what will happen next...
Cheyenne O'Shea has everything a twenty-six-year-old living in 2010 could want. That is, until she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and she is catapulted into the past with a man from the future. It is Kansas, 1868, and the US Army is about to wage a war for control of the American West—and she is alone.
Cheyenne finds herself stranded in a world she doesn't recognize. One where she has to kill and skin an animal if she wants to eat and even a tiny cut on her finger can buy her an agonizing death. When Bill Cody finds her, he tells her to go home, where soft, spoiled girls belong, but Cheyenne knows he is the key to her survival. What starts in dependency soon turns to something else altogether, and Cheyenne finds her heart torn between two very different worlds.

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