Stop Pulling the Ship!: Go from Getting Things Done to Making Things Happen by Matthew Overlund, 1:39 PM
You were an absolute rock-star as an employee…
…but as a manager, you’re struggling.
You’re feeling overwhelmed. Frustrated. Overworked. Under-appreciated. Competitive, even against your own team — does that make any sense?
You are afraid to fail but unsure about how to succeed. You're doing what you've always done. But, repeating past behaviors just isn’t working. The results you are producing just aren’t cutting it.
There has to be a way to avoid this, right?
This book isn’t for everyone…
Stop Pulling the Ship! is meant to change your assumptions, break down limiting behaviors that are holding you back as a new manager, and prepare you for long term success.
Transform Yourself, Your Team, and Your Approach to Leadership!
This book is your guide.
#1 New Release in Management Skills

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