Surples - Intense Sci-Fi Mystery That Sucks You In and Never Lets Go, 5:45 PM
The world of 2095 is a world of upgrades and obsolescence. The human race is no exception. Surples, a new perfect race, is rapidly populating the planet. Their brilliant and egomaniacal inventor hopes to soon replace all humans with his ideal creation.Kate Blake is the most human of humans. Since the tragedy that killed the love of her life, she has only been living half a life, simply struggling to get through each day. But then she meets Marcus. Marcus seems the perfect person to heal Kate’s broken heart. Only Marcus isn’t a human at all. He’s a surple. As Kate struggles to come to terms with her discovery about Marcus, she finds that she is also more than she appears. The mad genius behind the surples has also implanted the perfect gene inside of Kate. This perfect gene will allow him to control all of the inhabitants on the Earth with carefully triggered electrical impulses in Kate’s brain. Kate’s entire life is engineered around her secret destructive supernatural potential. She is the most dangerous person on the planet. Once Kate knows the truth, she is even a danger to herself. Can a human and a surple find love? Will love even matter?Find Out If Kate and Marcus Can Prevent the Destruction of the World or If the World Will Destroy Them First.
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