The Greek Tycoon's Revenge - Julie Garver - A love story filled with exciting characters!, 5:03 PM
Five years after his brother’s untimely death, Greek tycoon, Nikos Karasphalous, is within striking distance of his long awaited revenge against the nefarious Adriana Secreste. The little, redheaded, vixen is responsible for his brother’s death and Nikos is hell bent on destroying her for her treachery.
By a sick twist of his own brother’s hand, Nikos and Adriana are forced to marry in order for him to retain majority ownership in his family’s multi-millon dollar company and for her to safeguard her estranged family’s very survival. Adriana’s brutal childhood at the hands of her sadistic stepfather was once powerful enough alone to push the fiery beauty to the edge of her sanity, add to it the smoldering attraction flaring between her and Nikos and it’s a full blown recipe for disaster.

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