What's it gonna be?: A romantic comedy set in Mauritius [Kindle Edition]
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"If you are a fan of Helen Fielding's, Bridget Jones's Diary, then you are so going to love this book" - Amazon Reviewer
Lucy - quirky, scatter-brained and witty - is in a rut. Matt, her boyfriend of four years, is terrified of the ''M'' word and refuses to talk about tying the knot, her job is about as exciting as shaving her legs and she feels like she's going nowhere fast. So she decides to shake things up a bit and before she knows it she finds herself waking up next to a stranger, going on a blind date, meeting a gorgeous Englishman and getting her very own creepy love-struck stalker! But despite all this, it's harder than she thought to get Matt out of her head....
Luckily she has her best friends to distract her as they have problems of their own that they need her help with. Vic, her eccentric childhood friend, thinks that her husband is playing away and wants Lucy to help her catch him red-handed. Olivia, her colleague and best friend, has met a mysterious Frenchman on an internet dating site and isn't sure if she should run off to Paris to meet him, or run for the hills?
Filled with fun, humour and a cast of zany characters, What's it Gonna Be? is a wonderful, sincere and light-hearted tale of friendship, growth and love - with a lovely touch of Mauritius...

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