Where There’s a Will … by Rok Razborsek: Short Romance Story You Should Read
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Parker Quinn just got called to Willow Cliff Ranch, his Texas childhood home, for the reading of his late father’s will. What awaits him? He, his brother, and sister all left home ten years ago, soon after their mother’s death. None of them have spoken to their father or to each other since. Their mother’s death was so traumatic to their father that he took out his grief on them, thereby alienating them. Parker has worked hard and built up his own nice little spread and a horse training business. What could his father possibly leave him that would entice him to leave it all behind? Nikki Graham is a quiet girl whose best friend is a mare she calls Grace. Her mother works on Willow Cliff Ranch as helper to the housekeeper. She was just a child when Parker left home ten years ago, but now she’s a beautiful, sweet young woman to whom he is instantly attracted. How will Parker be received by his siblings? Will they be treated equally by their late father in their inheritances? How will Grace’s disappearance affect the budding relationship between Parker and Nikki? Read Where There’s a Will … to find out whether Parker can truly come home again.
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