WILL POWER: Instantly transform and loose unwanted habits and addictions
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Will Powers simple formula is presented with the realization that we not only can break through any barrier, but also can go on to live the life we have always wanted and dreamed of. The author successfully enabled numerous individuals, in his counselling practice to overcome bad unwanted habits (like smoking) and addictions and transform their lives with a therapy that he refined and came to call "Shotgun Therapy". The transformation in clients was so radical and instant that the book Will Power came to be written for anyone who is stuck in an unwanted place or who seems unable to take that one step towards the realization of their most cherished dream.Activities like fitness and exercise become "a piece of cake". Will Powers "shotgun therapy" is simple to learn and execute but beware, it is only for those who really do want to change their lives. Prepare to live the life you have always dreamed of.
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