Yogi Jam: The Secret To Unlocking Your Potential On Guitar by Blake Foster
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Are you in a guitar slump? Having trouble advancing your skill level? Maybe you are just having trouble releasing your creativity.
This short ebook is not an unreadable academic paper on guitar theory, but a look into the world of how the brain processes musical information during creative moments and improvisation through the eyes of a multi-instrumentalist who has been where you have been. The insight in this short, informal written lecture is meant to show you new ways to look at playing the guitar creatively and powerful new ways to improve the quality of your guitar practice.
This book provides information based on research into more esoteric fields and is guaranteed to help the reader gain the skills it takes to become a more creative and skillful player. This ebook will help you to bring a more meditative approach to your guitar playing and allow your practice to speak directly to your creative side. Your guitar practice will have never been so powerful!

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